• The Picks Swapped: Hail Hinkie

    Going into tonight the best scenario for the Sixers was the first and fourth pick, but as a “process truster” I got something even better.  The Sacramento Kings jumped into the top 3, and the Sixers fell down to the fifth spot.  However, by virtue of the Nik Stauskas trade two off-seasons ago, the picks swapped and the Sixers were in the top three.

    It was a whirlwind of ten minutes.  Everything from Joel Embiid‘s natural charisma at the podium to the Sixers lottery luck made this an enjoyable lottery from an entertainment and Sixers fandom standpoint.  The next month leading up to the draft is going to be quite interesting.  Everyone is banking on Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball going 1 and 2, so what would the Sixers do?  Do they take the best talent in Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum to play alongside Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid?  Or do they take the best fit with the sharp shooting Malik Monk to help out the spacing for Simmons and Embiid?  Maybe they will do that but will trade down in order to do so.  What if this scenario happens: maybe the Lakers really like their current backcourt in Clarkson and Russell and decide to take Josh Jackson to form a complete team?  Don’t be surprised with a misdirection from the Lakers, everyone KNEW the Lakers were taking Jahlil Oakfor two seasons ago until on the day of the draft they decided to take Russell.  In that scenario, give me Lonzo Ball.

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    Charles Scalies

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