• The Keystone of The Process

    Sam Hinkie, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons. Those are the names you think of when you hear the phrase “Trust the Process”. One name you don’t hear, or even think of, is Brett Brown. Hinkie, the infamous GM of the Sixers, was hired in May 2013 and immediately blew up a mediocre roster, thus beginning ‘the process’. Three months after Hinkie was hired he got his guy to lead the team through the rebuild.

    Brown had been a San Antonio Spurs assistant coach since the 2007 season and was set to become Gregg Popovich’s top assistant with the departure of Mike Budenholzer. He had the opportunity to be on a staff where job security was not a problem, the talent he would be working with on a daily basis was some of the best in the NBA, and the playoffs were a given every year. Instead of accepting this and taking the easy route in the NBA, he took over the Sixers blown up roster and went to work.

    He knew what he signed up for when he left San Antonio for the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia fans love their teams and expect nothing but winning and doing it consistently. Hinkie and Brown knew that this would be new for the city and not sit well with the fans but realized that this is what had to be done to have a championship contender year after year. Brown had spent years working with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Now he was coaching a team designed to lose, giving big minutes to guys like Henry Sims, Tony Wroten, and Spencer Hawes. To say that players and draft picks have been shuffled around would be a huge understatement since the time Brown arrived in Philly.

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    People are starting to see how good of a coach Brown is when he is surrounded by talent. The Sixers are 15-20 since their 7-game losing streak to start the season and are 8-3 in their last 11. As good as Brown is, he still needs talent surrounding him. With Joel Embiid at his disposable, albeit on a minute restriction, the teams scoring margin is that of a 56-win team with Joel on the floor. The talent is starting to become available to him and Sixers fans can’t wait to see how Brown is able to incorporate Embiid, Dario Saric and Simmons into his gameplan.

    It is easy to stay positive as a coach when your team is winning games and is filled with talented players. It is another thing to stay positive and attack every day with the same enthusiasm when you are approaching NBA records for losses. However, this is what Brown has done since day one. There is a reason he is the one permanent piece throughout the process. He has embraced the fans and when the fans in Philly see someone giving it their all, they will embrace him right back.

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