• The Colangelo Era is a Failure If They Never Make The Finals

    In sports as well as in life, the difference between success and failure is based on expectations. For instance, this Sixers season has been a success. We have learned that Joel Embiid is the franchise changing player the franchise had hoped, and the team is 4.5 games out of a playoff spot. However, if the Cavaliers were 17-27, the internet would seize to exist.

    Is this an unfair expectation for Bryan Colangelo? Absolutely not. It has become clear that Joel Embiid is a top 20 player in the NBA as a ROOKIE. They are virtually the same 10 win team as a season ago, but when Embiid is on the court they have a point differential of a 56 win team! Now excuse me, I must go punch a wall because Paul Millsap is an All-Star.

    Ok I am better.

    With a talent like Embiid, combined with Ben Simmons, more cap space than any other team except the Celtics D-League affiliate (sorry Nets fans), and the benefit of playing in the East, anything less than a Finals appearance is a failure. They could go to 7 straight Eastern Conference Finals, but if they never win the East, the Colangelo would be a failure.

    Let’s look around the Eastern Conference for a second. You’ve got the Cleveland cavaliers being led by a 32-year-old LeBron James. Who knows how much longer he will be able to maintain this level of play, and this unprecedented number of minutes he has played at his age. You know what they say, father time is undefeated. You’ve got the Toronto Raptors, who became good at the wrong time. They have two great guards in this league, but will go down as the team that couldn’t get passed LeBron James. The only other teams that I see playing at the same level as the Sixers in three years are the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. Even the Celtics still have not found their star player, and are going to be paying Al Horford $30 million to score 16 points and grab 7 boards. Combine that with Danny Ainge’s horrid draft record and who knows what they will become.

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    As you can see, the Eastern Conference is WIDE OPEN.  You don’t have to worry about a juggernaut Warrior team or the up-and-coming Timberwolves until the Finals.  Also, unless Carmelo Anthony waives his no-trade clause, he will be in New York for another four seasons, keeping the Knicks from building around Kristaps Porzingis, and holding the franchise back from any real growth.  Oh, and 4 years and $72 million for Joakim Noah is hilarious.

    Bryan Colangelo has inherited the holy grail of GM gigs in any sport today.  Outside of an abundance of centers, he really could not have a more perfect situation.  Barring any injuries to Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons, it is NBA Finals or bust for Bryan Colaneglo’s tenure.

    Charles Scalies

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