• Huge Game in LA

    Maybe when I write the title “Huge Game in LA” one day it will be about a game being played in June, but that is just not the case today.

    The Sixers are 2 hours and change from playing the Los Angeles Lakers for the second and final time this season and the result will go a long way in securing each team’s NBA Draft fate.  The Philadelphia 76ers currently sit three games behind the Lakers who are the second worst team in the NBA and are 1.5 games back from the Phenix Suns.

    The only rooting option for Sixers fans tonight is to root for a loss.

    It’s never fun to root against your own team, especially since we have done it for the past three years, but we frankly have no choice.  With playoff hopes being a thing of the past (boy do I miss you January) there is no good that comes out of adding win number 24.  As we all know, the Sixers have the Lakers’ pick but it is top-3 protected.  To the Lakers credit, they are doing the stealthiest tank job ever and Adam Silver won’t kick their general manager out and force them to win games, so they are in a great position to keep their pick.

    Fortunately for the Sixers, the Sacramento Kings have lost 8 straight games and are 2 games back from the Sixers, so as we stand, the Sixers have better odds than the Lakers to win the lottery.  If the Sixers are able to get that Lakers pick this year, or the number one overall pick, this season will have been a success.  The road to that starts tonight with a loss in Los Angeles.

    Charles Scalies

    Finance major at Saint Joseph's University and biggest advocate for Jakarr Sampson on the internet today

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